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DHK Overview

  • AMCA certified performance for sound and air.
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) centrifugal blower assembly, manufactured using high quality corrosion resistant resins and fiberglass reinforcing able to withstand temperatures up to 210 deg F.
  • UV inhibitors are added to the resins and are flame retardant class 1 of 25 or less.

DHK Design Features

  • Casing smooth on the exterior, resin rich interior, reinforced walls to remain true under suction pressure.
  • The DHK 1225 and 1500 feature a molded FRP Class I backward curved, and Class II backward inclined impellers in both CW and CCW rotations.
  • For size 1825 and larger FRP impellers are standard Class II design backward curved airfoil design in both CW and CCW rotations.
  • Fan stands are corrosion resistant, 'Plastifer', baked epoxy powder coating, designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

DHK Sizes and Performance

    • Sixteen sizes are available, 1225 (12.25 inch diameter impeller) through 6000 (60 inch diameter impeller) with capacities from 700 to 88,000 CFM and up to 22.0" SP.

DHK Arrangements

  • #10 (standard) belt drive allows for a compact footprint when space is an issue, such as mechanical rooms with multiple fans.
  • #1 or # 9 Belt drive is available for larger motors and special designs.
  • # 4 Direct drive.
  • # 4 Direct Drive EZ-4® & Swingout assemblies for motor/wheel replacement.
  • # 8 Direct drive.
DHK 6000-Semo-Conductor Plant
DHK 6000 Fiberglass Exhaust Fan (Semi-Conductor Plant)


DHK & DHK-NW Centrifugal Fan (PDF catalog)

Specification (Word document)



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