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The perfect product to provide years of trouble-free operation, K-Kore Composite Air Plenums and Energy Recovery Plenums use the latest technology in composite construction materials that renders steel construction obsolete. Our patent-pending Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) assembly will provide the ultimate in durability and equipment life.

K-Kore plenums are high quality custom designed exhaust systems for commercial, industrial and institutional applications where corrosive environments can rapidly destroy steel equipment. The product is manufactured from high quality reinforced composites that can be engineered to withstand any corrosive environment, from the acidic rain or wastewater treatment plants of industrialized cities to the chemical exhausts of university or hospital laboratories.

Why Composites?

Composite materials, once considered futuristic and expensive, are now commonly used for all high-tech manufacturing sectors, from aerospace manufacturing to the automotive industry. Metal construction is considered obsolete in most high-tech industries where any degree of corrosion resistance or longevity is required, and so the engineers at MK Plastics came together with a common purpose of keeping the HVAC industry up to speed with the pace of technological advancements in material design.

Pound per pound, composite construction is stronger, more durable, and significantly more corrosion resistant than coated metal construction. The thermal conductivity is extremely low, allowing a true no-through metal design over the entire depth of the panel, something unachievable with current metal design.


Composite History

The use of resin-infused fiberglass for marine construction began over 50 years ago in the 1960’s. The actual service life of this material is unknown since there has never been a failure in the industry due to corrosion through exposure to saltwater environments. K-Kore plenum construction uses the same resin-infused fiberglass design that will almost certainly shown no signs of corrosion after 50+ years in the harshest environmental conditions. In the conceivable event that the K-Kore unit outlasts the building in which it is installed, the material can be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

Composite Usage

Composites are everywhere in the world today. Look up and you might see an airliner from Boeing, Airbus or Bombardier pass overhead, with their high-tech composite bodies allowing greater range, fuel economy and longevity compared to their metal rivals. Sports cars, military vehicles, spacecraft and almost all other high tech construction industries make extensive use of composite construction. The HVAC industry, until now, has been lagging far behind the state of the art. MK Plastics is bringing the construction industry into the 21st century.


K-Kore Energy Recovery Plenum Design Features:

K-Kore products provide benefits to every facet of the construction process.


  • The long term longevity of composite construction ensures the greatest payback on investment. Owners who are looking for a durable solution with an extended service life now have an option with all the benefits of FRP corrosion resistance.
  • Replaceability of components is critical for product longevity and air quality. K-Kore Air Plenums are the only product available to offer our patent-pending replaceable drainpan design which allows the entire drain pan to be easily replaced when the time comes to replace the coils.
  • K-Kore plenums are constructed with true no-thru-metal construction throughout the entire depth of the cabinet walls, creating an energy efficient cabinet with the highest possible resistance to surface condensation.
  • All metal components of K-Kore plenums are either manufactured from 316 stainless steel or are designed to be easily replaceable; even the 316 stainless steel dual sloped drain pans and coils can be easily removed and replaced when required using a patent-pending slip-out design.
  • High resistance to impact: Composite structures resist impact damage much better than steel, and are easily repairable when damage has occurred.
  • No cabinet coatings: paint, anodization, and galvanization are all surface treatments that will eventually allow corrosion to penetrate and lead to failure. K-Kore plenums use pigmented composite material that will never delaminate and fail as paints or other coatings will, even if deeply scratched.


  • The lightweight but ultra-strong construction often will allow smaller secondary cranes to rig the equipment. Metal units weighing up to 40% more will often require the use of a higher capacity crane, making scheduling and rigging more costly and delaying installation.
  • 3-D modelling software that generates both submittal drawings and assembly drawings from the same model ensures consistent accurate dimensions. CAD/CAM manufacturing ensures the highest level of drawing accuracy.
  • Resistance to denting means less field repair work and warranty claims.
  • Surface color is provided by integral pigmentation of the composite, with zero risk of corrosion if scratched. No surface prep is required for field touch ups, and will not reduce the corrosion resistance of the cabinet.


Now consulting engineers may specify a product that provides superior durability at a competitive cost to their clients. The Engineers’ customers, the Owners and Contractors, will benefit from the decision to specify K-Kore Air Plenums.

  • Lightweight composite construction allows for lighter structural construction and cost, allowing significant cost savings for the building structure.
  • Composite construction allows engineers to specify products that will withstand almost any chemical or harsh saline environment. Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics have long been used in the mining and wastewater treatment industries where even 316 stainless steel construction is not acceptable, and now K-Kore Plenums offers the same technology for the entire exhaust air system.


  • Lightweight construction. Up to 40% weight savings vs. steel construction.
  • True no-thru-metal construction throughout the entire cabinet depth.
  • Unlimited salt-spray resistance: FRP has over 40 years (and counting) of salt spray exposure with no detrimental effects.
  • Corrosion resistance: K-Kore™ Air Plenums are the only products that carry a 50 year expected service life without corrosion in most environments.
  • Flame Spread index of less than 25 when tested according to UL 723.
  • Acoustic Performance: Tested and certified acoustic performance of the composite skins and cores allows the highest level of acoustic performance. Acoustic software accurately predicts the unit performance based on independently certified results from ASTM E 90 and ASTM C 423.




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