AXTC In-Line Tubular Centrifugal Fan

AXTC Overview

  • Fiberglass straight-line airflow centrifugal fan featuring the design advantages of an axial type fan with the reliable performance of a centrifugal fan. The 'tubular' in-line design offers straight airflow suitable for horizontal or vertical duct mounting, as well as roof mounted exhaust and saltupply ventilation.
  • All AXTC models are licenced to bear the AMCA seal for Air & Sound performance, and are based upon tests and procedures performed in accordance with AMCA Publication 211 & 311.
  • The AXTC employs a specially designed non-overloading backward inclined airfoil wheel which allows air to flow with a minimum of turbulence and losses. This results in higher efficiencies and lower sound levels.
  • Both wheel and casing are manufactured with high quality corrosion resistant resins and fiberglass reinforced. This innovative design has no metal in the airstream, for superior corrosion resistance and long life in corrosive atmospheres.
AXTC Design Features
  • The AXTC impeller is backward inclined, airfoil, vinyl ester fiberglass reinforced, Class II of special design to facilitate the air flow through the casing with improved efficiency. It is tested for its integrity at a minimum 50% higher speed than the maximum stated catalog performance. The impeller is electronically statically and dynamically balanced in accordance with ANSI/AMCA 204-96 “Balance Quality and Vibration Levels for Fans” to Fan Application Category BV-3, Balance Quality Grade G6.3.
  • AXTC fans are manufactured with high quality, corrosion resistant resins and are fiberglass reinforced, able to withstand temperatures up to 210 deg. F., subject to the exhausted chemicals fumes and theirconcentrations. UV inhibitors are added to the resins and fans are flame retardant class 1 of 25 or less. The molded tubular split housings are smooth both exterior for aesthetic appearance and interior for streamlined airflow, are resistant to weather, salt spray and most chemicals.alt
  • The tubular fan has an inner cylinder or chamber, rigidly constructed to support the fan sheaves, shaft and bearings which are completely out of the airstream.
  • Straightening vanes serve two purposes: they give extra rigidity to the fan housing and reduce turbulence by straightening the airflow exiting the fan wheel, increasing efficiency.
  • The ‘split’ casing will unbolt and separate, (one section only), in such a way as to gain easy access for maintenance to the shaft bearings and drive components. Impeller and shaft assembly removal can also be achieved. The split casing is designed to enable section removal in both horizontal, vertical and roofmounted positions without affecting the stability of the fan.
  • There is no exposed metal in the exhaust airstream. All hardware is 304 stainless steel and completely encapsulated in fiberglass where exposed to the exhaust.
  • Built in compliance with ASTM Standard D4167-97, for Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Fans and Blowers.
AXTC Sizes and Performance
  • Twelve sizes are available, (in both belt and direct drive) - 1825 (18”) to 6000 (60”).
  • Capacities from 2,800 to 70,000 CFM and up to 8” S.P.

AXTC In-Line Tubular Centrifugal Fan (PDF catalog)

Specification (Word document)

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