AXCL In-Line Bifurcated Centrifugal Fan

AXCL Overview

AXCL Axial Fans
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) axial fan, manufactured using high quality corrosion resistant resins and fiberglass reinforcing able to withstand temperatures up to 210 deg F.
  • For inline applications of medium volume and medium S. P.
  • UV inhibitors are added to the resins and are flame retardant class 1 of 25 or less.
  • Upblast or Inline backward inclined airfoil centrifugal blower with bifurcated FRP casings
  • UV inhibitors are added to the resins and are flame retardant class 1 of 25 or less.
  • The bifurcation makes it easy to access the belts, pulleys, bearings and shafts all of which are not in the corrosive air stream.
  • Fans may be installed in any position.

AXCL Design Features

  • FRP impellers are backward inclined airfoil design, hand laminated. Standard class 2 design for size 1825 and larger.
  • Fan motor supports are manufactured of epoxy coated or fiberglass encapsulated structural steel. Supports are adjustable for belt tightening.
  • Belt drive applications with fan shaft, fan bearings and v belt drive out of the corrosive air stream.
  • Direct drive motors are out of the air stream.
  • Motors are available as TEFC, Explosion Proof, or Mill & Chem Duty.

AXCL Applications

  • Installations in areas where there is no room for centrifugal blowers.
  • Roof mounted applications on a curb cap with butterfly damper and optional FRP roof curb.
  • Inline with vertical or horizontal mounting brackets.
  • Supply or exhaust air arrangements.

AXCL Sizes and Performance

  • Manufactured in 12 sizes from AXCL 1225 to AXCL 4900.
  • Capacities from 400 to 50,000 CFM.
  • Static pressure up to 9" SP.

AXCL In-Line Bifurcated Centrifugal Fan (PDF catalog)

Specification (Word document)


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