High efficiency mist eliminators constructed in both FRP and PVC are designed to separate liquid droplets from exhaust or vapor flow, effectively reducing condensate solids emission. The eliminators consist of a corrosion resistant fiberglass housing or chamber with extruded PVC baffles that split the exhaust flow into droplets which are then collected and removed through a outlet drain. M.K. Plastics Mist Eliminators have been successfully used in chemical plating tank ventilation systems, flue gas desulphurization plants, moistening and air conditioning facilities, pulp & paper evaporators, synthesis and process gases. An internal wash-down system is offered as an accessory.


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M.K. Plastics Axijets first induced flow fans to be AMCA FEG (Fan Efficiency Grade) Certified


Per AMCA Standard 205: “The FEG is an indicator of the fan’s aerodynamic ability to convert shaft power, or impeller power in the case of a direct driven fan, to air power. The FEG will be most useful in evaluating the aerodynamic quality of the fan and will be the only metric useful when the fan is evaluated independently of the motor/control. This classification is a distinct metric that serves a specific purpose  and allows comparison of any number of fans using this same metric.” The M.K. Plastics centrifugal Axijets are some of the most efficient induced flow fans made, this is now evident by our AMCA Certified FEG Ratings. 

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K-Kore™ Fiberglass Composite Air Plenum & Energy Recovery Units

(Patent Pending)

K-Kore ERU

  • Corrosion Resistant Fiberglass Construction
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Up To 40% Weight Savings vs. Steel
  • No-Thru-Metal Construction
  • Unlimited Salt-Spray Resistance
  • UL 723 Flame Spread Less Than 25
  • Excellent Resistance to Condensation

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